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For over 10 years, Isabella has been performing and writing her own songs. Growing up in the world of theatre and dance ignited Isabella's keen interest in live performance, and she learned the guitar as a way of accompanying herself. Over the years she has been requested for a number of solo gigs including 'Off the Record' festival in Manchester and 'Winter Wonderland' festival in Hyde Park, London. Her original song Breathing With My Eyes Closed was featured in the short film 'Tears Dry To Frost', which premiered in October 2021. Isabella Luca's songwriting focuses on the intertwining of vivid imagery (9pm Petrichor) and emotive themes (Breathing With My Eyes Closed, I Wonder). 

Inspired by the sounds of Cocteau Twins, Agnes Obel, Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake, new music is on the horizon for Isabella. Be sure to keep up to date with new releases and live gigs by subscribing below. 

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